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Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program

Welcome to Joint Non-Lethal Weapon Program Conference

Non-Lethal Weapons Executive Seminar (NOLES) 2008

The Non-Lethal Weapons Executive Seminar (NOLES) is an annual, bilateral training seminar that teaches non-lethal tactics to Pacific-region partner nations’ military services and other security-enforcing agencies.  Hosted by the Bangladesh government in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 12-24 July, NOLES 2008 included 10 days of non-lethal weapons (NLW) training, an escalation of force demonstration and a three-day seminar.

About Our Program


The Capabilities section identifies programs that are available through the acquisition process, discusses those that are in various phases of development, and provides information regarding upcoming technologies being researched by the JNLWP.

Human Effects

The Human Effects section discusses the research and testing conducted to ensure that non lethal weapons meet the requirements of safety and effectiveness. The organizations and processes involved with human effects research are outlined.


The Resources section provides up-to-date fact sheets, publications and additional reference materials that may be useful for research regarding non-lethal weapons. This page also provides an explanation of acronyms used throughout the site.

Focus of the Month: News and Updates

Decoding info on CBD oils for sleeping problems: Insomnia

Just take a moment to reflect upon the fast-paced lifestyle and the intense pressure that is borne on our minds. The amount of stress just accumulates in our minds and clogs our ability to counter situations triggering panic zone. This results in severe lack of sleep and has emerged as a very common issue encountered by today’s generation. It hampers the circadian rhythm of the body and prevents that natural functioning of the body and effects the hormone secretion in the body. Many people seek multiple appointments to the doctor and also the number of pill consumption that merely sedates.

Agreed, there are lots of responsibilities crashing on our shoulder and little can we do to help it. This erratic and non-sympathetic lifestyle badly influences the sleep patterns and the inability to have good and peaceful sleep. Hence, the scientific term for this syndrome is insomnia and just can’t be ignored.Some of the research suggests that cannabis can help fight with insomnia and get back to their normal lifestyle. But its limited to a certain number of audience and most of them don’t even know which plant extract actually aids in therapeutic methods. Hence CBD comes into action with its precise oil extraction that have the vitality to heal. It is although manufactured by various brands, one needs to accumulate proper info on CBD oil for sleeping problems prior to its usage.

Causes and its affects:

But it is imperative to understand the underlying cause behind insomnia and its rapid propagation among young generation. Firstly, adequate is equally important as feeding your stomach with food for energy and drinking water to hydrate the body. With the intense workload, the body and the muscles tend to get soar and tired for they need rejuvenation to restore the vigour for next day via sleep. Sleep is the body mechanism to fight fatigue and destress your body while it’s in subconscious state. It is proven that proper sleep compliments increasing immunity towards diseases and allow the brain to function for longer periods of time with efficiency of response.

When your body is sleep deprived, it tends to feel drowsy and makes you irritated and frustrated leading to below par performances and mood swings with prolonged headache. It affects your concentration and limits your ability to perform at maximum level. You may take a lot of medicines but all can be rendered useless without a good sleep. If this transforms as a routine, it is likely to develop into insomnia driving you into depression and serious malfunction of the body and the mind.

Cannabis is widely misunderstood as people conceptualise it to getting instantly high on euphoria in real quick time. On the other hand, there is hemp that undergoes extraction for oil in the purest form that are edible and used in producing food products and the widely popular chewing gums. So the main difference between a regular prescription medicine and CBD is that while normal medicines compensate for insomnia whilst not attacking the target, the CBD performs both tasks efficiently. Also, they can help you completely get rid out of insomnia without any requirement of lifetime consumption of the oil. Hence a lot of research has to be done and info on CBD oil for sleeping problem must be spread across.

What does CBD do?

These extracts known as CBD oils are used to target both nervous and immune system by diagnosing the cause and providing the healing with the pleasure of a sound sleep. Upon consumption it makes you feel refreshed and energetic instantly when you are up for the day.

  • Pain relieving while having a good and peaceful sleep.
  • It calms down the emotions and sensations of the people suffering from neurological disorders and relaxes them.
  • Provide a great balance to the circadian rhythm and right time for sleep.
  • It boosts the serotonin levels in the body that help reducing the anxiety felt by the brain.
  • Provide the right sleep pattern for the person and letting them have a sound sleep whilst not waking when it’s sleep time.
  • The dopamine levels are increased in the blood that gives a calming sense without getting up from sleep at night.
  • Also it not only helps in curing insomnia but also in other aspects of anxiety and stress relief from pressure points.

The best CBD oils are made organically purely from grown hemp and extracting in its purest form with the use of carbon dioxide extraction process and produce the best results. They are ensured to beat the 3rd part lab results and put customer satisfaction as its priority. Apart from the CBD oils other options in forms of capsules and edibles are made available. The research labs replicate the results for info on CBD oil for sleeping problems. They are available in different potencies such as 150mg, 400mg, 600mg or 1000mg that can treat insomnia from its basic level to most chronic disorder stages.

Proper Dosage:

The next thing to ensure is having an idea of the dosage to be taken depending upon the condition of the syndrome whether it is on its initial stages or maybe the most complex and chronic stage. Hence, it is advised to seek advice from a registered practitioner for the dosage to be taken with the CBD oil. Also when manufactured it undergoes testing for its use and recommendations are taken into consideration. Improper dosage may lead to grievous issues and further aggravation of the syndrome or invoking of dangerous side effects.

For instance, if the patient is suffering from the initial stage of insomnia then a minimal dosage of 20-25mg can satiate the need and help in having a good sleep. But as the level increases, there is an increasing amount higher dosage to be consumed such as 400-500mg. Such high doses are high power sedatives that upon consumption takes the person to sleep state without any conscious control which at times can be hazardous. These doses have to be taken seriously and are only prescribed upon proper diagnosis of the problem and its symptoms.

Trying to get some information concerning reliable trimming and shaving tools? If so then gather here for some tips

Introduction on shaving and trimming devices

Growing unwanted hair, be it a beard, head or armpit hair, or any other type of hair enough to make us uncomfortable can be quite a bother especially when it comes to getting rid of it, and using a reliable method at that.  You have the choice of shaving it all, or trimming it down leaving a few, whichever way that works best for you. Whatever way that works for you, it is no doubt that you will be in need for reliable tools that will not leave any room for disappointments. Investing in a good trimmer or shaver for that matter is a guarantee that it will result to the best desired groomed up looks that will leave you satisfied.

It is one thing to buy a trimmer or a shaver and another whole thing to buy one that will serve your interests at the very best. We cannot forget the fact that good grooming especially around your face is important when it comes to the general presentation, which means your grooming tools, should be good at delivering the best results. Shopping for a trimmer or shaver for that matter however needs some homework before you can decide to go for one that meets your requirements. There are several buyer review sites such as keuzehelper that have more detailed information on personal care items which of course cover the shavers and trimmers, and you should spare some time and go over them if you wish to get more information regarding the same.

Doing a bit of research will help you get to know the various types of shavers and trimmers that are out in the market so that you can be able to make an informed decision when it comes to acquire them.  For example beard trimmers can be battery operated dry or corded ones for use in the shower. It is all a matter of making the best choice because as we all know that importance of a well groomed face is never to be underestimated. We shall look into much more details when it comes to various types of trimmers and shavers so that you can have information to back up your choice.

Trimmers brands

There are various brands to choose from when it comes to trimmers even though we know some people especially the men do not have the habit of having a favorite brand as long as a certain tool fulfills their needs. Even with all the brands out there, there is the need to look out for certain features that qualifies a trimmer to perform at the best and give the desired results. Any brand for that matter is therefore termed good enough if their devices meet the qualities that the targeted group is looking for. We shall therefore look at various features you should look out for when investing in any trimmer brand.

What you should look for in a trimmer brand

Quality: this is one of the key qualities when it comes to any tool or device that you are going to spend money on. A beard trimmer that is guaranteed to give you good service and for a long time should therefore be a model made of stainless steel blades, and one with a good grip in order to avoid accidental cut. You should also bear in mind that a trimmer can either be corded or cordless, and for that it is up to you to decide which one to go for, the cordless that uses batteries or the corded that uses electricity, Availability of a socket in your bathroom is a factor that can influence what type to go with. However, a cordless trimmer may come handy if you happen to travel more.

Maintenance: Maintaining a trimmer will depend on how often you use it. Some trimmers will require a simple routine of washing it with water while others will need to be lubricated again according to the type and model of the trimmer you are using.

Dry or wet trimming: while there are trimmers that both accommodate wet and dry trims, there are others that will go with just one condition. You therefore have the choice to go for one that can be used before, after or during shower or one that can be used under all those circumstances.

Budget: Different brands come with different prices depending on their features and how well they are designed to play their role. It is important to note that some beard trimmers can also be used in other parts of the body.

A guide to shavers

There are two types of electric shavers in the market; the foil shavers and rotary shavers. Foil shavers cut hair by snipping it by the blades beneath. A special type of foil shaver which is known to as flexing foil shaver bends in order to keep their head under constant contact with the skin which results to a perfect shave. Sticking with up-and –down motions is one way to get the best results from a foil shaver. A rotary shaver on the other hand cuts by rotating blades which spin three to five heads by staying constantly closely on the skin. On how to use it, a circular motion which needs some adjustment especially if you are using the straight-line technique of a blade will work for perfect results.

When it comes to picking a shaver, several review sites such as keuzehelper suggest shavers with features such pop-up trimmers. This will help you to shave straight clean lines especially if you have a finely trimmed hair on the face. Shavers with rotary blades should be considered for handling beard and neck hair because they are easier to meet long and thick or curly hair using the blades.  A self-cleaning model is another feature you should consider. Cleaning a shaver after every shave can be quite frustrating. Some pricey models however are designed to automatically clean the shaver’s head as they charge their battery.

Enrich Your Clash of Clans Gaming Experience with the Latest Town Hall 12 Upgrade

The world is obsessed with the love for video games. With Smartphone technology advancing, mobile video games have been really doing well in the gaming world. There are many game developers bringing all kinds of video games for video game enthusiasts. Moreover, there has been severe competition amongst such game developers to deliver the best kind of video game experience to the game lovers. These mobile video games cater to different segments such as there are multiple games in the adventure, strategy, action, sports, etc., and many more for a different type of audience and skill set. Strategy games are known to build intuition and develop logic. Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games that involve building a strategy and doing effective planning. This widely popular game is the idea developed and published by the Finnish game developers Supercell. The game was first released on iOS platforms in August 2012 and was later available on Android from the year 2013. The game continues to ride on the success path ever since its release on the iOS platforms. Clash of Clans immediately started getting positive responses from avid game followers and from the critics in the gaming world.

What is the game play of Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is set in a fantasy world. Here you are supposed to build your village and build up your own clan with an objective to defeat the opponent brutally.

The game involves two completely different stages, where you start by building your structures and hiring citizens to be part of your plan (and pay them as well). The next stage involves fighting in the battles and showing off your strategic skills. These clan wars are timed up to a maximum of 3 minutes.

As you play more, you gain experience which helps in getting more money.

The video game also includes on deciding the defensive techniques for your clan. These defense systems aid in protecting your village from the horrific incoming enemy attack. It is to be noted that the game is an online multiplayer game. There is a single player mode also available wherein the player is allowed to attack the goblin villages. The Clash of Clans, thus, one of the intriguing and fascinating games that facilitates building effective management skills and strategy. The game is available for free and optimized on the Android and iOS platforms. The game, as mentioned earlier, was published in 2012. Following which, Supercell has ensured that the game is continuously updated with features and emphasis has been given on improving user experience with the game and to evolve with better fun experience and also keeping its entertainment essence intact.

What are the resources and currencies in the game?

In this extremely sought-after game, gems are known to be the premium currency.

For protecting against the opposing clan’s attack, gold and elixir help to build and retain defenses. The dark elixir, along with elixir, facilitates the training of the troops so as to upgrade the troops and spells for a better attack against the enemy.

Why is the Clash of Clans so Popular?

Clash of Clans is an addictive game as stated by many of the game lovers.

The success of this strategic game, having sustained in the market for approximately 5 years, is due to the interesting facet of the game. Building a clan and protecting it against enemy clans and attacking other clans with a view to obtaining resources is in itself a very entertaining concept. In addition, the fact that your clan can be attacked even when you have logged out exposing your clan to danger increases the addictive nature of the game.

Updates in Clash of Clans

Supercell strives to ring in updates that assure that the game never falls short of expectations.

In the 2018 update, Supercell just ensures that players and game lovers do not lose interest in the game.

This awaited June 2018 update brings in the Town Hall 12 upgrade.

Here is a sneak peek into how these features will work:

  1. Name changes – This update allows to change your name more than once in the game. However, besides the first initial change which is free, the next name change will cost 500 gems. Moreover, for every subsequent name change, 500 gems will keep on increasing. Also, it is noted that there is a time gap of one week before a name change. If you find a name offensive, you can report it simply by going to a player’s profile.
  2. The Village Layout Copying Feature – This feature allows to copy the bases, however, the restriction is that one can copy the base only of the Town Hall one level higher or lower than your own. Also, this feature can be used only post Town Hall 4 is unlocked and works only between Clan mates.
  3. The Clan Castle Sleep Mode Feature – The sleep mode feature allows from preventing the donated clash clan troops from shielding and defending while you are logged off. This feature is particularly helpful when you don’t have sufficient time to manage the new donation of your troops or when you do get a donation at the time when the Shield expires.
  4. The War Tool Call Cleanup – This tool or feature does not future orders when the enemy uses all their attacks.

Along with these updates, there have been upgrades to decide the type of push notifications which you would like to receive.

Though all these features do not impact much or revolutionise the game, this update aims to reduce the frustrations that the audience have faced for a long time.

Supercell has managed to engage the players in bringing different features in its updates and has managed to keep the players stick to the game. This time around it tries to solve some of the basic problems that have caused the problem to its players.

So, update your Clash of Clans and enjoy the newest the features of the game and enrich your experience of this popular game.

2017’s most popular diets for healthy living

popular diets

The year of 2017 has popularized and promoted healthy living to a whole new level. Different kinds of diets have been introduced which ensure healthy body and mind. It might get confusing deciding which diet to follow or get a list of all those diets in one place. So here is a list of some of the most popular diets for your information-

  • Ketogenic diet- This diet involves reducing the intake of carbohydrates in order to use the fat in your body for energy. This diet has been used for decades for the treatment of epilepsy and several other diseases. This diet requires you to take in high amounts of protein and healthy fats. The process of ketosis breaks down the fat in your body with the help of substances called ketones. However, this diet is not recommended for those with type 1 diabetes.
  • Atkins diet- This diet focuses on controlling the insulin levels through a low-carbohydrate diet. When a lot of insulin and sugar is taken, it allows the body to store the sugar which later turn into fat. So when the insulin and sugar levels are decreased, it motivates the body to use the stored fats in the body, hence reducing the fat in the body.
  • Weight watchers diet- Weight watchers is a company which works as a support group for those who want to lose weight or are afraid they might gain back the lost weight. One can join this group physically or through their online portal. Once you join the group you are provided with diet plans, workout plans as per your need and a lot of support for you to stick to those plans.
  • carb-cycling-diet
  • Zone diet- The zone diet aims at a nutritionally balanced diet. It focuses on having 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent fats and 30 percent protein in each meal. It also focuses on controlling sugar and insulin levels to assists in weight-loss and body weight control. This diet encourages intake of high-quality carbohydrates and unrefined natural fats.
  • Raw food diet- This diet discourages the intake of processed foods and drinks. This diet involves the intake of plan based products or organically produced food items. There are even types of raw foodies- vegetarian raw foodies, vegan raw foodies, omnivore raw foodies and carnivore raw foodies.
  • Mediterranean diet- This diet takes inspirations from the food habits of the people of France, Spain, Portugal, southern Italy, and Greece. In this diet, the main source of dietary fat is through the consumption of a lot of fresh fruits for deserts, nuts, beans, whole grains, seeds and olive oil. Cheese and yogurt are the main forms of dairy food and fish and poultry are the main sources of meat protein.
ADAM/Public Speaker

ADAM/Public Speaker

I’m a strong advocate of usage of Non-lethal Weapons, and considering the havoc that lethal weapons wreck, it’s best that all nations accept and implement non-lethal weapons. As an influencer, I’m doing my best – putting forth my views and convincing masses to adopt better means over the destructive ones.

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