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Compact storage system, what are its characteristics?

At present there are thousands of companies in the world that are responsible for the production of different products for the consumption of people, no matter where they are. However, not all manufactured products are sold at one time, so they must be stored.

Then, to carry out the storage of said products, different strategies or methods have been created to fulfill this purpose. The idea in general is to try to use as much space as possible to store as many things as possible.

In this sense, it can be said that the storage process is best done with a compact storage system. This system represents a way of organizing the merchandise in any warehouse using the space as best as possible, that is to say, avoiding leaving some space unused.

The important question is: what is this type of storage system? The answer is very simple. They are a set of shelves placed one next to the other that form a kind of interior loading lanes where you can place the goods at different heights.

In this kind of streets is where the vehicle used to transport the goods, called forklift, passes. This vehicle has the ability to lift the goods to the desired height and place it on the rails without any problem.

It is very important to clarify the fact that to have this storage system people with special skills in the driving of this type of vehicles are needed, because it represents a work of great concentration and a lot of effort to avoid damaging the products that are being stored.

Characteristics of the storage system

A drive in racking storage system must have certain characteristics so that it can be used correctly and efficiently. Among some of these characteristics we can highlight the following:

  • The size of the divisions between the rails should be a little greater than the width of forklifts. This in order that said vehicle can travel the rails without any inconvenience.
  • The rails must be placed side by side using the available space as best as possible. In this way you can take much more space for storage.
  • The rail system must have different heights to be able to place merchandise at different levels. In this way many more things can be stored.
  • The rail system can be adapted to the size and weight of any type of merchandise that you wish to store.

How is the compact storage system installed?

A storage system drive in racking has as one of its main features that can be installed with great ease. To carry out this work it is important to have a group of professionals in the field, which can help you to take advantage of as much space as possible in your store.

It is for this reason that there are companies specialized in the rental or installation of this type of storage system. These companies are responsible for determining the best way to maximize the space depending on the merchandise you want to store.

It is very important to emphasize that this type of companies must comply with a series of rules established in the law to ensure that the shelving system will be installed in a completely safe way and what will be able to resist any weight and any type of load to which it is subjected.

Types of compact storage systems

There are two types of storage systems, which, although they are very similar, have a fundamental difference. In this sense, the two types of storage system are: drive in racking and drive through racking.

Then a drive in racking storage system consists of a series of rails where the merchandise is placed in only one direction, that is to say, the goods are placed at the end of the rails and the aisle is progressively filled. This form of storage is mainly used with non-perishable products that do not need to be sold immediately.

On the other hand, the drive through racking system allows the entry of goods through one lane and the discharge of the merchandise through another. In this sense, the merchandise that is placed at the end of the lane is the merchandise that will be distributed first. It is very important to clarify that this form of storage must be placed in a space where two forklifts can work.

These two types of storage systems have a very similar purpose, with the difference that their use will depend on the size of the warehouse and the priority of the merchandise to be stored.

Importance of correct storage of merchandise

The storage of merchandise in any company is vital to maintain the inventory and to meet the demand of a specific product. It is for this reason that most companies have some kind of warehouse to store the manufactured products.

However, this storage is not useful if you do not have an organization system capable of allowing the correct distribution of these products. This is where this organization becomes important, since it is necessary to know where specific products are located at the time of distribution.

It is for this reason that storage system like the drive in racking works very well for any type of company. With this storage system you must have a very good control over the merchandise that is placed on the rails, because it is necessary to know exactly when the distribution of the stored merchandise will be.

If you need help installing this storage system, we recommend contacting companies specialized in the subject that give you the best advice on where to place this system and that will help you optimize the space your warehouses have. To get one of these companies all you have to do is research on the Internet and compare the quality of each one.

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