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Do you know the novelty IDs? Are they illegal?

In most countries there are some rules or laws that regulate the behavior of people who do not have a certain age. Depending on the country, this age is between 18 and 21 years old. In this sense, many of the young people who are not in these ages want to enjoy the benefits of being adults before having that age.

However, there is a problem: the identifications. Identification cards show general information about people, such as their legal name, where they live and the date of birth. In this way, the authorities can know if a person lies about their age quickly and easily.

The question is: is there any way to avoid this problem? The answer is yes. To solve this problem the so-called novelty IDs were created. These are fake ID cards that surpass all security measures and that may seem so real that no one will notice the difference.

These identifications can be purchased on the internet and come from companies that specialize in the manufacture of this type of cards. Pages like are the ones that take care of this type of work. In essence, any person who is not of legal age in a country can obtain one of these cards and enjoy all the benefits obtained by being a legal adult.

The novelty IDs are illegal?

There is a problem with this type of identifications, since they can be used for some wrong purpose, that is to say, to carry out a crime. This is where the fake ids and the novelty ids differ.

Fake ids are those identification cards designed to perform a crime and not be discovered, being completely illegal. On the other hand, novelty ids are used only to obtain some simple benefit such as entering a club, getting alcohol, getting a driver’s license, among other things.

In this sense, novelty ids are considered legal, as long as they are not used to carry out a crime. It is very important to highlight the fact that this depends completely on the country where the person is, since, for example, in the United States having one of these identifications is illegal, while in Canada it is not.

Pages like offer their services to create novelty ids but only if they are used for minor purposes and not to carry out any crime, no matter what it may be.

How can you get a novelty id?

Although it may not seem like it, this can be very simple, since there are a large number of web pages specialized in performing this action and therefore you don’t need to search for a long time. However you have to be very careful, this can be affirmed due to the fact that there are illegal pages that try to sell you a false identification of bad quality.

It is very important to try to find a web page or trustworthy company to carry out this work. In this sense, a good page of this type must comply with certain characteristics, among which the following can be highlighted:

  • Must offer a quick and easy service, where you do not have to do many actions to get your novelty id.
  • It must offer its clients the assurance that the novelty id will pass without any problem of any security measure to which it is subjected.
  • Must provide identifications as similar as possible to the originals, so that no one can see the difference at a glance.
  • It must offer novelty ids at a cost that is not too high, since not many people are willing to spend their money on a fake ID.

These are some of the features that these web pages or companies must meet, taking as an example It is very important that you do an investigation before paying for the service of any company of this type, so that you avoid being scammed for some reason.

What kind of identifications can be obtained?

Since the novelty ids are designed solely for entertainment purposes, the diversity that can be found is very little. This can be said because it is much easier to replicate a driver’s license than a passport, for example.

In this sense, making use of the services of these companies you cannot get important identification documents such as passports, since a false passport cannot be used with a good intention and therefore are considered illegal.

The number of people who have been scammed by companies of this type is impressive, because they tend to give IDs designed to carry out crimes, which can result in serious legal problems if they are discovered. Do not let yourself be cheated in this way.

Uses that can be given to a novelty id

For what these false identifications can be used? Are they really worth it? The answer to this last question will depend on the purpose you give to such identification. In this sense, there are certain uses that stand out among the rest, which are:

  • To get alcohol: most of the young people who buy these identifications do it to be able to buy alcohol in the liquor stores. This is a prohibited action if you are not old enough.
  • To enter clubs: it is very common to see young people who want to enter a nightclub and cannot because of their age. This is no longer a problem if a novelty id is used and just for this they are designed.
  • To obtain driver’s licenses: young people’s desire to drive is uncontrollable and age is sometimes an impediment. Novelty ids allow you to get a driver’s license much faster.

These are some of the most common uses of a novelty id. Pages like allow you to get one of these IDs without spending a lot of money.

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