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Enrich Your Clash of Clans Gaming Experience with the Latest Town Hall 12 Upgrade

The world is obsessed with the love for video games. With Smartphone technology advancing, mobile video games have been really doing well in the gaming world. There are many game developers bringing all kinds of video games for video game enthusiasts. Moreover, there has been severe competition amongst such game developers to deliver the best kind of video game experience to the game lovers. These mobile video games cater to different segments such as there are multiple games in the adventure, strategy, action, sports, etc., and many more for a different type of audience and skill set. Strategy games are known to build intuition and develop logic. Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games that involve building a strategy and doing effective planning. This widely popular game is the idea developed and published by the Finnish game developers Supercell. The game was first released on iOS platforms in August 2012 and was later available on Android from the year 2013. The game continues to ride on the success path ever since its release on the iOS platforms. Clash of Clans immediately started getting positive responses from avid game followers and from the critics in the gaming world.

What is the game play of Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is set in a fantasy world. Here you are supposed to build your village and build up your own clan with an objective to defeat the opponent brutally.

The game involves two completely different stages, where you start by building your structures and hiring citizens to be part of your plan (and pay them as well). The next stage involves fighting in the battles and showing off your strategic skills. These clan wars are timed up to a maximum of 3 minutes.

As you play more, you gain experience which helps in getting more money.

The video game also includes on deciding the defensive techniques for your clan. These defense systems aid in protecting your village from the horrific incoming enemy attack. It is to be noted that the game is an online multiplayer game. There is a single player mode also available wherein the player is allowed to attack the goblin villages. The Clash of Clans, thus, one of the intriguing and fascinating games that facilitates building effective management skills and strategy. The game is available for free and optimized on the Android and iOS platforms. The game, as mentioned earlier, was published in 2012. Following which, Supercell has ensured that the game is continuously updated with features and emphasis has been given on improving user experience with the game and to evolve with better fun experience and also keeping its entertainment essence intact.

What are the resources and currencies in the game?

In this extremely sought-after game, gems are known to be the premium currency.

For protecting against the opposing clan’s attack, gold and elixir help to build and retain defenses. The dark elixir, along with elixir, facilitates the training of the troops so as to upgrade the troops and spells for a better attack against the enemy.

Why is the Clash of Clans so Popular?

Clash of Clans is an addictive game as stated by many of the game lovers.

The success of this strategic game, having sustained in the market for approximately 5 years, is due to the interesting facet of the game. Building a clan and protecting it against enemy clans and attacking other clans with a view to obtaining resources is in itself a very entertaining concept. In addition, the fact that your clan can be attacked even when you have logged out exposing your clan to danger increases the addictive nature of the game.

Updates in Clash of Clans

Supercell strives to ring in updates that assure that the game never falls short of expectations.

In the 2018 update, Supercell just ensures that players and game lovers do not lose interest in the game.

This awaited June 2018 update brings in the Town Hall 12 upgrade.

Here is a sneak peek into how these features will work:

  1. Name changes – This update allows to change your name more than once in the game. However, besides the first initial change which is free, the next name change will cost 500 gems. Moreover, for every subsequent name change, 500 gems will keep on increasing. Also, it is noted that there is a time gap of one week before a name change. If you find a name offensive, you can report it simply by going to a player’s profile.
  2. The Village Layout Copying Feature – This feature allows to copy the bases, however, the restriction is that one can copy the base only of the Town Hall one level higher or lower than your own. Also, this feature can be used only post Town Hall 4 is unlocked and works only between Clan mates.
  3. The Clan Castle Sleep Mode Feature – The sleep mode feature allows from preventing the donated clash clan troops from shielding and defending while you are logged off. This feature is particularly helpful when you don’t have sufficient time to manage the new donation of your troops or when you do get a donation at the time when the Shield expires.
  4. The War Tool Call Cleanup – This tool or feature does not future orders when the enemy uses all their attacks.

Along with these updates, there have been upgrades to decide the type of push notifications which you would like to receive.

Though all these features do not impact much or revolutionise the game, this update aims to reduce the frustrations that the audience have faced for a long time.

Supercell has managed to engage the players in bringing different features in its updates and has managed to keep the players stick to the game. This time around it tries to solve some of the basic problems that have caused the problem to its players.

So, update your Clash of Clans and enjoy the newest the features of the game and enrich your experience of this popular game.

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