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How to become a great psychic

A psychic is someone with abilities to foresee the future, provide an understanding of the present and making sense of the past. These abilities are very unique and they are usually all about perception. All of us are psychics, it’s only that it manifests in different ways to different people. Doubting that? Well, if you have ever thought that someone will call and they actually call, that is definitely psychic abilities. If you have ever dreamt of something and that thing really happen, it means that you have already experienced the psychic abilities. Almost all of us have experienced the psychic abilities but some of us have embraced the ability much more than others. Psychics are the people who embraced the psychic abilities and embraced them to help other people. To develop and grow the psychic abilities, below is what you should do.


To hear that inner guidance, you have to trust first. Trust involves trusting yourself and trusting that you can really become a great psychic. The voice is usually within us but it isn’t loud. The sense of direction is usually what brings peace and trust. When you want to become a good psychic reader, you should not only listen to that inner voice. You should listen to the voice and also listen to suggestions about the path to take. For example, if that inner voice tells you not to follow a certain road, pay attention further to know the solution to that.

Know the softness of the voice

Usually, ego is what takes over our lives. The ego will instill fear and stop us from naturally moving on with life. It is good to know that intuition is basically soft and voiceless. It is not loud or violent. It is usually still and also quiet. To reach the level of offering psychic reading to people, you will need to defeat the ego part of you first. Then, you will definitely need to practice. Also, you need to be devoted. You can try practicing by meditating. That way you will be able to feel and know the inner voice.

Be devoted

An aspiring psychic should definitely be in devotion. Start being in connection with spirits honestly and sincerely. Remember that there are misleading forces that exist too. When you take keen on your intuition and neglect the spiritual part, you will definitely get mislead by forces.

Clear your head of any blocks

If at all you have negative thoughts, fear, doubts, and judgment, you might have a hard time trying to find that inner voice. Know your thoughts and when you realize any negativity, make peace with it and move on. This might be the first step to finding the inner voice. To grow your skill, you must be peaceful, be filled with love and trust. You might also be required to free yourself from any toxicity. Make sure that you are not being guided by ego or fear plus any negativity.

Have a teacher

This is the best step ever. For you to grow to a professional psychic, you must find a teacher who will help guide you. Psychic reading is not something that you can just wake up one day and start practicing. It is a process that requires teaching, learning and practicing. To be able to do that, you will definitely need a teacher and a guide. There are experts who are specialized in offering psychic education. To be able to learn, you will need to be keen and respect the process. Also, make sure that you are very patient and trust the process.

Be ethical

There are psychic ethics surrounding psychic reading. The ethics vary according to different teachers who offer psychic lessons. During the psychic growth period or learning period, make sure that you follow each and every ethical rules and ethical values associated with psychic reading.

Do readings for others

For you to grow your ability, you can try reading for others. This can be a great way of practicing. You can start reading for people for free as a way of growing your gift. During the practice period, do not overdo the reading. Try moving slowly to have the confidence and the experience. By reading for others, you will surely sharpen your intuition. You can even go ahead to purchase tarot and oracle cards. These cards are tools that are well trusted by many psychics. To know how to use the cards correctly, you can always turn to your teacher for help.

Ask permission

Do not try doing a reading before you ask for permission. Even when you are just reading for free, going around and reading people without their consent can definitely land you into deep trouble. Remember that crossing a line can hinder your development as well.

Always share

When you have an intuition or a message, it is good if you consider sharing. Sometimes this might be difficult but it is part of growing. Therefore, you must always find that inner courage and share.

Be thankful

Gratitude is one thing that you should always value. When you find out that you have really grown and you understand the psychic world very well, always be grateful. You should always remember that it is not magic from you. Always be sincere, give an honest reading and always be grateful for having such special abilities.


Having psychic abilities is something good. Psychic abilities are real even if some people are skeptic about it. There are so many who have impressed there psychic abilities by allowing them to grow. They allow them grow through following special processes and involving psychic teachers. To be a great psychic, one should never be greedy to be great. Also, one should always trust the process and practice very much. Psychics are very important people in today’s society. They help make sense with situations, read our past, present and the future. We should embrace them and accept them in our society as long as they are not scammers.

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