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What about SoundCloud and YouTube?

SoundCloud is an audio distribution platform which is for musicians and music listeners alike. This platform enables musicians to share their music and promote it too. YouTube lets you upload music from their site to your videos, and it deals with a lot in videos and that makes it a very popular choice. In this article, I will acquaint you with both SoundCloud and YouTube and it will give you lots of good information on this subject. There are lots of people who really want to listen to music at all time whether they are connected to the internet or not. But at times without the internet it becomes very tough. Make sure, that you get more information about the YouTube recorder and downloader. If you need really good music, then this is one of the best ways of doing it.

SoundCloud had its beginning in Stockholm, Sweden in 2007 and it is now based out of Berlin, Germany by Forss. SoundCloud is online audio distribution platforms that connect musicians with listeners and helps the musician grow their following. Membership is free except if you want to subscribe to SoundCloud Pro which costs a reasonable amount of $6 per month payable yearly or is $8 a month if billed monthly. Pro Unlimited is $12 a month billed yearly or $16 a month if billed monthly. What’s the difference? Pro offers advanced stats, advanced embedded controls, spotlight, and replace tracks, quiet mode, and access to SoundCloud Premier Monetization if qualified. This is something that has not stopped since then, people love it and people from all age groups make use of this. There are so many people whoa re making use of this and it is growing. This is one of the best ways of getting the things offline YouTube recorder and downloader, and that works very well. This is a system which is growing by the day.

Some tools offer scheduled releases, full stats, full embedded controls, spotlight, release tracts, quiet mode, access to SoundCloud Premier Monetization if qualified, access SoundCloud Go+ for $4.99 per month, mix the world’s largest catalog in select DJ tools, and finally, enjoy ad-free high quality audio, offline listening and more. Basic membership offers basic stats and embedded controls. Pro Unlimited features 6 hrs 45 mins. Upload time per track and Pro has a 6 hr. upload time. The Basic Plan has a 3 hr. upload time and it is free to join. To sign up for service you should read their Terms of Service very thoroughly. Information on profiles is not guaranteed to be accurate as the profile may bear fake names and information even though the information about each member’s profile will be stored. This is known to do very well. There is so much choice and people can really enjoy. There many other good services in the market, which you can enjoy and have a good time with.

Law enforcement can have access to member’s information for the furtherance of an investigation by meeting the following requirements: information should be requested about specific accounts implicated in investigations. If the information requested by law enforcement is too broad, then SoundCloud reserves the right to withhold information. If a member abuses the Terms of Use, the abuser will receive a written warning. If a member violates the Terms of Service more than twice, the offender’s membership will be terminated. There are some rules and you need to keep that in mind, and if you do that then there could be a problem.

SoundCloud enforces copyright laws. Fair Use laws are a part of U. S. law and the user must seek legal counsel if he/she wishes to publish a part or all of the copyrighted work. SoundCloud offers musicians and vocalists the platform whereby they may put their name out there in public. Don’t abuse it; make sure you make use of YouTube recorder and downloader.

Now we get to YouTube recorders. YouTube is a site where an individual or group of individuals may record video and audio but must use separate recording equipment. If you want to see various recorders to capture screen pictures, just do a Boolean search in your search engine such as is just one of those sites. Music can be recorded to go with your video. Filmora9 offers “a video editor for all creators”. Gives you great information about a screen recorder. Portal+ by Facebook is a great video recorder, as well as, Bandicam. You can use your computer to do a video for YouTube. Shadow Play, Camtasia, Open Broadcast Software, EpicRewind, Fraps, Microsoft Screen Encoder 4, and Tiny take. Video recording isn’t difficult. Just do some research and most sites like Quora will tell you how to record, as well as, other information. When it comes to videos, you should also select good editing software. There is so much choice and you need to find something really good.

Whether it is SoundCloud or YouTube recording, there are several do’s and don’ts they are: do have good lighting, do have good sound, do use a tripod, do plan, do keep it organized, do backup, do emphasize the visuals, do keep it short and concise, do keep it simple, do make decisions on the audiences needs and/or yours, do pay attention to storytelling, and do vary your shots. The don’ts include: don’t rely on your equipment and technology as a substitute for good technique, don’t take your audience for granted, don’t be too static, don’t be too restless, don’t say everything, and don’t shoot from a million miles away. I have included several links to help you with your education in SoundCloud and YouTube recording. Please visit these websites and read them for more information as you wish.

So what are you waiting for? Just look for some good options and you will feel much better. Also, you will be able to get some music offline and you can some something interesting even when you are not connected to the internet.

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